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Coronations Gardens Fountain Restoration New Statue Competition

Coronation Gardens is a prominent historical park that Wandsworth residents have enjoyed for many years.

Calling all Artists in Wandsworth!


The fountain placed in the heart of the garden is undergoing a full refurbishment to restore it to its former 1904 glory - which is where you come in!

Putney School of Art and Design and the Friends of Coronation Gardens would love an artist in Wandsworth to help design this restoration, and make your mark on history. We welcome you to submit your 2D designs for the new fountain (or monument?) through your preferred artistic method.

This is an exciting opportunity for artists to design a prominent feature in Wandsworth

The Brief
The purpose of the competition is to select a winning design for a replacement figurine to complete the Coronation Gardens fountains restoration.
The chosen design will be fabricated and installed on to the drinking fountain. A prize will be awarded for the winning design.

The Gardens
Coronation Gardens is a historic, beautiful Edwardian green space in Southfields. The gardens commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII in August 1902 and were donated by Sir William Lancaster. The gardens were laid out by Fanny Williamson, the country’s first professional female landscape designer. Sir William Lancaster (1841-1929) was an English businessman,
philanthropist and politician. He became the second Mayor of Wandsworth from 1901-02, going on to become the co-founder of the Putney School of Art
and Design (PSAD). His two sisters donated the granite drinking fountain in honour of their brother the year after the gardens were opened.

Drinking fountain
The drinking fountain is original, described as rough-hewn granite with an Art Nouveau-style bowl, and ornamental railings to one side. A figurine was
placed at the front of the fountain above the drinking bowl and shown flourishing a water jug. It disappeared, believed stolen, many years ago, as was a commemorative plaque at the back of the fountain at a later stage.

The fountain is undergoing a full refurbishment to restore it to its original working condition, bringing it back to its former 1904 glory.

We would like to re-install a figurine to complete the fountain’s restoration, something that nods to the past but also has a contemporary feel given this is 2024.

Material: ideally the original material of bronze, but other materials could be considered.

Dimensions: Height – 40-60 cm, Width – 22-30 cm,
Depth – 10-15 cm
It also needs to be able to be well-secured to the fountain.

2D submission can be in any format, through any preferred medium (such as pencil, ink or watercolours), hand drawn or computer generated design.
3D maquettes can be made in any materials including clay, wood, cardboard etc. The maquette should be no more than 300mm in height.

Criteria for submission
You must be a student at PSAD or a practising artist in Wandsworth Borough.
Site visit to the gardens is a requirement.

The submission
2D Deadline 16 April 2024

Email: or hard copies to main
reception/ 3D Campus.


Shortlisted students will be notified by 26 April 2024.
Shortlisted designs should made into a 3D maquette, any preferred medium can used. PSAD will offer materials and support in this phase to help students
who may not have previous experience in 3D work.
3D Deadline 10 June 2024 – Models submitted to main reception/ 3D Campus.

Choosing a winner
A winner will be announced at the Annual Summer Exhibition on 21 June 2024 with the prize money, £750, sponsored by Friends of PSAD. It is hoped that the chosen design will be fabricated by a professional and installed during the summer of 2024 with the winning design taking pride of place in the gardens.
Note: The fabrication and production of the winning design will be coordinated by The Friends of Coronation Gardens in partnership with Enable and WBC.


1 - Coronation Gardens 1903 2 kids edit.jpg

“Make the space we all use a better one”

Coronation Gardens is a beautiful, Edwardian green space set in Southfields between Merton Road, Pirbright Road and Standen Road, London SW18.


The Friends of Coronation Gardens is a not-for-profit organisation set up by 8 local residents who want to see the Gardens we love improve and make safe again. With the support from the neighbouring schools, residents and Clubs we can make a difference.


 This website has been set up to keep you informed of any news & events in Coronation Gardens and for you to support the group with membership, sponsorships and donations.

Thank you

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